How to Buy Claims Management Software


All claims management companies require effective software. What options are available to buy?

Powerful and practical software is a necessity for every company. Using the best software can ease everyday tasks, improve the workflow and reduce the number of manual tasks required by employees.

Claims management software is essential for claims firms. Companies cannot compete in the market if they rely on paper processing or inadequate software to record each claim. Given the high volume of claims in the current economy, having the best software is the only choice for these businesses. Whether a company is handling PPI claims or flight delays, claims software can significantly help the claims management process.

PPI claims companies are exceedingly busy at the moment as the deadline is now just ten months away. Claims companies will not be able to process any more of these claims after 29th August 2019.

Payday loan claims have also increased. The increase in payday loan claims is one of the reasons for Wonga’s collapse into administration. Thousands of UK consumers believe they should not have been accepted for a payday loan as it resulted in more debt.

If you are a claims company, you might be looking for an improvement to your current software. Alternatively, if you are just entering the claims management market, you will require software to start the business and ensure the highest standard is given to clients.

Buying Claims Management Software

Claims management software can be bought for an upfront fee, which includes installation into current systems. The licence to run the software is monthly or annual (usually annual license fee include a discount). Always find out what else is included with the annual fee. Good claims software providers should include the following:

  • System support in working hours
  • Training for how to use the software
  • Software extensions
  • Bespoke preferences

LogiClaim is the claims management software from Logican. Our software is used by numerous types of claims companies. We ensure that a business is fully trained in utilising the software to get the most out of it.

Before Buying Claims Management Software

The right software can have a huge impact on a company’s success and profitability. Finding the best software is critical. Before investing and buying claims management software, always check the following:

  • Is a free demo available? — The software has a huge impact on the business so it’s good to see a demo of it before investing. During a demo, you can analyse how easy it is to use and if it fulfils all of your requirements.
  • Client testimonials and reviews Does the software have viable reviews from others in your claims industry? If your competitors are using the software and doing well, it could be a good choice for your business too.
  • Check accreditations  — Has the company or software developer been accredited at all? Always find out who created the software and their background. What makes them qualified to provide this software for you?

It’s important to ask as many questions as possible when deciding on the software. Find out which other companies use it. Most companies will be forthcoming with as much information as possible. The important thing is to find claims management software that allows you to process claims effectively and reduced the need for manual work. If the software can enhance your work processes, it’s the right choice.

Logican’s claims management software is praised by numerous PPI claims companies. If you’re looking for a reputable and efficient claims software for your business, contact Logican today.