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LogiClaim, advanced claims handling software

Use Automation to transform the way you process claims.

LogiClaim is powerful, flexible and automated business software designed to swiftly and effectively manage and process large volumes of financial claims.

If you manage high volumes of financial claims on behalf of your customers

LogiClaim will transform the way you work, saving you time and money processing all kinds of claims, including, but not limited to:



Mortgage mis-selling

HMRC Claims

Credit Card Charge

Flight Delays

What our customers say

Julie Cochrane

The Claims Guys

“Logican continue to provide excellent support across both areas of development. Logican's approach and ability to react to last minute changes has helped us to go live in a short space of time.”

Kamran Mirshahi

Canary Claims

“We are constantly refining the way in which we process the claims, having the ability to do this in-house is a great bonus.”
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Take Control – Make Your Own Changes

Our software’s extensive capabilities and options are simple to self-customise. No need for additional development work. You can easily and quickly adjust the system to reflect changes in legislation or procedures or handle new classes of claim Simply upload your own document templates, amend the workflow and define fields for any claim type.

Save Time

Automate repetitive and manual tasks linked to payments and incoming and outbound communications on each claim.

Minimise Training

Once configured, the solution is highly intuitive, making it simple for you to use without any need for specialised training.

Know your business

You can define and create your own reports on ANY aspect of the claims process. And you can assign unique permissions to each report, so only selected people can access them.

LogiClaim Empowers Your Business

At every stage of the claims process

Simplify client onboarding

Onboard more claims with less staff. Allow clients to self-register and introducers to submit claims and associated documents. Streamline and simplify the questionnaire and document submission process.

Easier onboarding with

Client Mobile App

Introducer Portal

Dialler Integration

Client Mobile App

Reduce the number of agents required to onboard new clients. Our client mobile application provides clients with a simple intuitive means of completing their personal and claim details, uploading documents and signing their LOA.

Introducer Portal

Empower your introducers. Our white-label introducer portal can be embedded into your website. Provide your introducers with secure access to populate new claims, upload documents and access their own MI directly.

Dialler Integration

Avoid unnecessary data entry. Use our web forms and APIs provide dialler integration to enables your claims handlers or operators to create new claims records, or open existing records, directly via your dialler system.

Optimise onboarding

Intuitive Onboarding Scripts

Script your own questionnaires for each product for clients and agents. Display questions based on answers to previous questions. Automatically calculate and display the chances of a claim’s success.

Unlimited claims per client on single screen

Quickly set up client claim portfolios, create and edit an unlimited number of claims of any product type for each of your clients.

Identify other products and heads of claim to upsell

Access Experian data to quickly identify potential and relevant products to upsell.

Find out more..

Find out more ways LogiClaim makes it easy for you to onboard new clients. Schedule a free consultation with one of the Logican team here

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Fast and automated claims processing

Build and control your own efficient, progress-oriented workflows and run claims effortlessly with auto-generated correspondence. Benefit from powerful visibility of claim activity and process claims in bulk.

Build and control your own efficient, progress-oriented workflows

User our intuitive admin interface to easily create and edit workflows that set claims to automatically remove outstanding tasks and schedule follow-on tasks.

Run claims effortlessly

Move claims along through single button clicks, scanning incoming post, receiving emails, SMS messages, and by e-signatures being placed on documents.

Auto-generate chaser correspondence

Chaser letters, emails and SMS messages are all automatically generated with a single click when due, with appropriate follow-on actions being scheduled. And integration with DocuSign means correspondence can be easily signed.

Instant integration with incoming essential apps and services

Incoming e-mail is sent directly to the appropriate client file. A powerful scanning module with barcode recognition allows automatic assignation of incoming physical post to the relevant client file.

Benefit from powerful visibility of claim activity

See a complete list of outstanding scheduled items, as well as a full history of all activity, including file notes for each claim and every client.

Process claims in bulk

The unique Logican workflow engine places claims into ‘self-drive’ mode for more efficient bulk processing.

Process claims in bulk?

Want a more efficient way to process claims in bulk? Let’s talk

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More efficient payments

Plan payments and automate billing and invoicing, manage client payment plans, pay your introducers

Plan payments and automate billing and invoicing

Calculate bills, create and edit payment plans, auto-generate invoices and schedule automatic chasers.

Manage client payment plans

Create payment schedules and take card payments automatically via Payment Gateway integration.

Pay your introducers

Automatically calculate commissions and view reports.

Streamline and automate

Streamline and automate your payment processes with LogiClaim. We’re ready to show you how

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LogiClaim FAQs

  1. Can I customise features on LogiClaim?

    Yes, the software is designed to be easily customisable. Use it to manage client relationships as well as process your clients’ claims more efficiently.

  2. How quickly will I be able to access the claims information I need?

    Powerful reporting modules give you fast, built-in search and report facilities. In addition, a configurable reporting suite can be easily tailored by us, or by your own SQL-skilled programmers, to meet your specific requirements.

  3. How secure is LogiClaim?

    Very secure. We are well aware that you will hold sensitive data about your clients and their businesses. So we have developed LogiClaim to ensure data is well protected. You will have total control over accessibility, with the ability to assign and manage permissions for different user groups.

  4. How can I get LogiClaim?

    Please schedule a call with our team here

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Manage both claims and debts

We’ll help you manage your customers’ claims and debts

We are one of the few suppliers of software that allow you to manage your customers’ claims and debts. Some of our competitors are good at claims, others good at debts. We hit that sweet spot by being great at both.

To view our LogiDebt software, please click below:

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